Thursday, 11 August 2016

Through central Wales to the Wye valley

Before we leave North Wales we check out the Pontcysyllte aqueduct near Llangollen. Barges cross at a height of 39m above the river - not for the fainthearted.

From Llangollen we make our way down through central Wales across Dolfor moors. The number of cars on the road dwindles to one every 10 minutes.


Finally we arrive in the Wye valley, back near Tintern.

The following morning we head off for a walk through Cassell Woods to Tintern abbey

The ruins of a church on the opposite hill catches our eye.

Tomb of a wealthy Tintern merchant - died 1743
On the Wye river a mill wheel reminds us of earlier eras of grinding corn, spinning wool and working iron. The mill still turns but no longer for any productive purpose.

After lunch we take a walk through the nearby forest along paths once trod by monks travelling between abbeys. Ancient walls line the way.

Thistle flower not yet in full glory
 A long walk today. The forest has many paths, not all mapped.

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