Sunday, 14 August 2016


Getting to Chamonix is easy - easyJet left almost on time and the flight took just 1 1/2 hrs. The rule with low cost carriers is to be prepared - book speedy boarding and you can be assured of having overhead cabin luggage space. Leave it to pot luck and the overhead lockers will be full before you've even boarded the plane. But the flight was smooth and I'd fly with them again.
Geneva Airport - not quite as efficient as easyJet! But we got our luggage and found the Irish driver for the Cham Express transfer and off we went through winding roads up into the mountain, dropping off passengers as we climbed through the forests to Chamonix - chic climbing gear, walking poles, expensive boots and the most amazing scenery underneath Mont Blanc.

Downtown Chamonix - glacial water courses through the flowers

Mont Blanc in all it's glory - our view from the apartment balcony
After a day's travel getting to Chamonix, it's time for some adventure! Looking out from our balcony this morning, the paragliders were drifting silently above us, colourful birds of prey them seem. But I've never been airborne before under wind power and it's time to take the plunge. Richard comes too - he's parachuted near York, so this is tame for him!
I glide above Chamonix for about ten minutes but it seems longer. My heartbeat finally settles and I enjoy the magnificent views of the glaciers and Mont Blanc. I can hardly believe I'm soaring in the thermals like birds - some paragliders stay up for 8 hours or longer, depending on the wind conditions. We land gently on the grassy field and I immediately fall backwards like a stranded whale! What an inglorious end to a marvelous experience.
We finish the day with an organ recital in the local church - a wonderful end to an exciting day

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