Thursday, 18 August 2016

Le Glacier du Bosson or climb to Buvette de la Cascade du Dard

It's raining - a perfect day for another hike into the mountains. Today we choose a three hour hike to see close up the Glacier du Bosson, which runs almost parallel to the cable car to Mont Blanc. It's wonderful climbing up through the woods.


What a wonderful surprise to walk into a clearing and find the most delightful café Le Buvette de la Cascade du Dard, hidden amongst the trees - Little Red Riding Hood would have been comfortable there!

Lunch is a fondue - made correctly with a white wine sauce and emmental cheese melted in it. Yum.

Once upon a time (late 19th century) the glacier came down to Chamonix. Now it's less than halfway down the mountain and steadily receding.
A little higher up the climb, we come across another café - this one displays an old photo of men from the last century sitting opposite the glacier. Next to them, pinned to the rock, is some debris from a crashed Boeing 707 that crashed in 1966 but only found this year.

The local Alpine Museum in Chamonix is worth a visit - I see skis I used in 1963 and then those used in the mid-70s. How old am I? It's time for a cuppa.

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