Thursday, 11 August 2016

Highclere aka Downton Abbey

Mary and I are devoted fans of Downton Abbey - in real life Highclere Castle, an estate near Newbury, Berkshire. The website says visits are booked out for the entire month of August but a small number of tickets are held for walk-ins. We chance it.

Not only do we get in with no problem but a chat to Bert at the carpark entrance - he has worked there for 27 years - reveals that it is a quiet day. How come it says booked out we ask? Ahh, he says, to stop the hordes inundating the place.


We take a tour inside (no photography allowed) The rooms are exactly like you see in Downton Abbey, though they seem a little smaller. You can get close to all the furniture though you can't sit on anything. Some of it is fragile. The library, drawing room and dining room feature large photographs of the actors to bring it into context. You expect Carson to walk down the corridor at any moment.


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