Friday, 24 November 2017

Invercargill redeems itself

Another sunny day - what have we done to deserve this weather? It's laundry day and I head down to put on a load only to find someone's beaten me to it, so we head into town. Invercargill has not impressed me to date, but we are outside the Queens Park public gardens and Invercargill redeems itself with glorious rhododendrons:

And around the next corner I spy an enormous rose garden, with hundreds of rose bushes, from Floribundas to ramblers to climbers to standards, in every hue imaginable (but not my favourite Pierre de Ronsard)

And just a few fuschia bushes to photograph:

We have a coffee and slice of 'Hello Rosie' because it's hard work sniffing so many roses!

The beech trees are in full throttle, but here and there are some other plants I've not seen before, including a straggly Chile fuschia:

We head back to the motel for a lunch break before hitting the road for Bluff. More on that later.

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