Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Getting ready in London

Before we head off to serious walking in the Lakes District we are spending two days in the very walkable city of London. The tourists amble along the pavements in a leisurely fashion and there are lots of us. Get ready to weave at the popular sites.

First stop was the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth. A major renovation two years ago has livened the exhibits with impressive multimedia displays. The WW1 gallery is a somber reminder of the 100th anniversary commemorations taking place now and for the next few years. There are also exhibits to other wars involving Britain. The museum is free admission and is definitely worth visiting

These 1915 naval guns fired 850 KG shells over 16 miles

 Next stop was the Museum of London with its special Great Fire of London exhibit. It is 350 years since the disaster.  The museum also covers the period from pre-history, the Roman invasion through to the Middle Ages and uncovers lots of fascinating archaeological discoveries.

Bucklersbury mosaic - the largest intact Roman mosaic discovered in London

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